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Currently we offer all products in 200ml, 600 ml and 1 litre pack.

MANGO, LITCHI, ORANGE, PINK GUAVA, MIX Fruit drink benefits.

Pink Guava

Guavas or amrood is blessed with many nutrients by nature. Originally found in South America, this fruit was presumably brought to India by the Portuguese.

Pink guava with its unique flavor, taste, pink colored pulp and numerous health-promoting qualities, the fruit easily fits in the new functional foods category, often called “super-fruit.” Pink guava, unlike white guava has a pulp loaded with seeds. They are oval in shape with the outer skin being rough, often with a bitter taste or soft and sweet, depending on the level of ripeness. So be ready to jump in the taste of Mind It Pink Guava. – Ready to Serve Fruit Beverage.


Litchi is the only member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family, Sapindaceae. It’s scientific name is Litchi chinensis. It is a tall evergreen tree and bears small fleshy fruits. The outside of the fruit is pink-red, roughly textured, and inedible. Litchis have a high nutritional value. They are very rich in vitamin C, containing about 71.5 mg per 100 grams.

They are also rich in copper & phosphorus. What makes litchis unique is that they contain the polyphenol oligonol that has antioxidant & antiviral properties. So Enjoy the Taste of Mind It Litchi – Ready to serve Fruit Beverage.

Mix Fruit

So who does not like having fruit juice? The flavors preferences might be different but a chilled glass of fruit juice can increase your energy levels and make you feel fresh in no time. Mix Fruit beverage is made with a various fruit combination like Guava, Papaya, Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Orange etc. Mix Fruit Beverage is better than eating whole fruits because your body can absorb the nutrients better and it gives your digestive system a rest from digesting fiber. It can boost your immune system, remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and help you maintain weight too.If you want to enjoy having mixed fruit juice than take a deep sip with Mind It Mix Fruit – Ready to serve Fruit Beverage.


Oranges are loved as a fruit as they are tasty, juicy and easy to eat. Orange is a rich source of vitamin C which reduces inflammation and boosts the immunity. It also contains dietary fibers that improve digestion, aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. Many of us enjoy drinking a fresh glass of orange juice during breakfast or after a hectic day at the office. One medium orange contains 100% of your daily needs for this powerful nutrient. So Let’s take one sip everyday with Mind It Orange – Ready to serve Fruit Beverage.


Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world. MANGO Enriched in protein, fiber, vitamins, iron and other essential minerals, mangoes add immense value to anyone’s diet, especially kids. A balanced diet is essential to good health. Mango is an extremely versatile fruit that adds important nutrients and delicious flavor to the gamut of different meal and snacking occasions. Savor the fresh and rich taste of The King of Fruits with Mind It Mango – Ready to serve Fruit Beverage.