About Us

Mind it is the brainchild of ALFA GROUP who saw a gap in the beverage market. Natural, healthy & tasty seemed to be worlds apart, so we set about creating a new beverage, one that would bridge the gap between the two worlds.

And so Mind IT was born a drink for people which bring people together to be sociable and live well. Whether it’s a fun times with family, social gathering, café catch-ups or a beverage at the pub or beachside Barbie, our drinks are right at the center of life’s sociable moments. Enjoy responsibly, our drinks are roadmap towards healthy India.

Our Brand & Promise

ALFA Group is committed to promoting clarity in fair trade and consumer awareness. Best Quality, Great Services, Every Day. Our country tends to consume a caffeine substance every morning, but MIND IT aims to change this mood and is going to present an exciting series of fruit beverages to you in a different way to move forward in that direction.

Our goal is not only to cover the market or compete the market, but to provide the best quality beverages to our consumers and necessarily provide Vitamins which helps to grow their immunity.